Secrets Of Colors And How They Influence The Mind

1. Billboard advertising grabs the attention of potential customers like no other form of advertising can.

5. Use social media to drive giveaways and contests that draw market attention to your company. For instance, millions of people will "like" a business page on Facebook if there is a chance to win something of even marginal value. Once those people "like" your business page, you have the opportunity to reach them through posts on your Facebook page. Continue to give promotional items away to random page fans and you will keep most of your "likes" so you can continue to reach them. Promotional t-shirts and other apparel items are perfect for social media giveaways.

While red is more serious pink is playful, delicate and feminine. Used along with black, gray or silver pink becomes a sophisticated color. If you use pink with light yellow and blue, you have a delicate combination often used to advertise baby products.

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John KlugeĀ and Arturo Moreno, owners of Fortune 400 companies have made billions through the billboard advertising industry. What is the billboard advertising industry you ask. These are basically big signs that one sees while driving through big cities or down highways. The signs that tell you where to stop for a bite to eat or a place to spend the night. The same signs that keep you informed and up to date on promotions, sales and upcoming events.

When it comes to finding sites that have enough local traffic, one idea would be to do a Google search specifically for local real estate blogs. For example, in Seattle, there are about 3-4 high traffic real estate blogs that are consumer based. They accept Realtor banner advertising and would fit in perfectly to a local Realtor's or agent's marketing arsenal.