How Graphic Design is related to marketing and advertising

Companies are always on the lookout for effective ways of marketing their business. Outdoor advertising is increasing quickly in popularity due to its success at reaching the target audience as well as being cost-effective. In fact, American businesses spent almost six billion dollars on various forms of outdoor advertising last year. Businesses are jumping at the opportunity to display their message to the customer while staying within budget.

Can you think of creative ways to make promotional shirts, shorts, or other clothing items work in favor of your business? Everyone needs clothing, even if it is just a t-shirt to wear to the gym. If you can get your clothing properly branded and on the backs of people who will wear them even occasionally, you can promote your business in local communities that you never personally step foot into. Others step foot into those communities, and your clothing provides an outlet for promotion.

Another color we see in nature is green and like blue it is a calming and peaceful color and reminds us of plush green grass, trees, and plants. Of all the colors green is actually the easiest on the eyes (which is why we like to look at money.) Use this color on your web site if you want to promote environmental issues, or insinuate growth either in the garden or profit sense. Use green with beige or brown to promote organic products.

So, from the above discussion, we can conclude that designing is highly important activity and closely related to marketing, communication and branding. Thus, a designer should be acquainted with all the aspects of advertising.

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